Privacy Policy

Federal law requires professionals – including attorneys – who provide advisory services on personal financial matters to inform their clients of their policies governing private client information. Parker & Hay, LLP (“P&H”) has always protected our clients’ privacy. In particular, P&H adheres to professional standards regarding client confidentiality. These professional standards include the attorney-client privilege, and the confidentiality requirements of the ethics rules applicable in the particular jurisdiction involved, including the duty of confidentiality set forth in those rules.

Our Policy on Gathering Information:
In the course of providing our clients with legal services, we may obtain significant personal financial information from our clients, including:

  • Personal contact information, including name, residential and business mailing addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, and Social Security number.
  • Information from our   clientsinteraction with P&H, including correspondence by mail or electronic mail, facsimile transmissions, telephone conversations, and personal meetings.
  • Information about our client’s personal finances, including bank accounts, investments, debts and liabilities, tax information, and holdings in personal and real property.
  • Any other information our clients share with our firm in order to help us represent their legal interests more effectively.

Our Policy on Disclosing Client Information:
We do not disclose information relating to our representation of our clients except as authorized by our clients, as required by law, as permitted by the applicable rules of professional conduct governing lawyers, or as otherwise reasonably necessary. We may disclose such personal information as may be reasonably necessary, including in the following circumstances:

  • Those parties to whom our clients authorize us to give their information.
  • Those parties to whom we are permitted under the applicable rules of professional conduct governing lawyers.
  • Those parties to whom we are required by applicable law.
We retain records relating to the advisory services we provide for a reasonable period of time in order to comply with professional guidelines and to better serve our client’s legal needs.